Parent Questionnaires


Here are some testimonies from Parents:

  • Everything is good for my kids.
  • I think it’s great that the school invites parents to become involved eg. Stay and read with your child.
  • The school has a very friendly and positive approach to learning with staff that are encouraging and enthusiastic.
  • My child enjoys the time in school. I like the variety in teaching and the awards for good pupils. Overall the school runs smoothly.
  • I feel the school is continuing to encourage and guide my child effectively and effortlessly. We feel very lucky.
  • As our first born we didn’t know what to expect with school but we’re always pleasantly surprised by the time and effort given to our daughter.
  • We would like to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
  • The school prepares the children well for the future. They also educate properly, and fairly.
  • Deals with bad behaviour effectively and reward pupils with good attitude at the assembly to encourage other pupils to do the same.
  • My child is extremely shy and the school was fantastic integrating her into the class, she is now excited each day to get to school and see her teachers and friends.
  • The schools staff is amazing and supportive in assisting me to try and encourage my youngest daughter to attend school regular and on time. Thank you for all the help you give us as a family.
  • Since my son has started he has developed massively, his learning and speech has increased a huge amount and this is all down to the nursery. I’m very happy with his progress and couldn’t thank the teachers enough. Thank you!
  • I feel the school is very good and my son has settled in quickly and nicely the teachers are lovely and kind and my son really enjoys seeing them and coming to school.
  • I’m happy with the school, my child enjoys the classes.
  • The school keeps my child safe, and my daughter is progressing really well in her reading, maths and writing. I’m over all happy as my daughter is happy and loves going to school to learn new things.
  • The school deals with bad behaviour effectively. The school rewards pupils with good attitudes at the assembly to encourage other pupils to do the same, and I think that is brilliant.
  • My daughter has always been an intelligent child from the start of school years but each year she has developed more and it is down to the great teachers she has had teaching her. I am happy with the school and the teachers are fantastic in every way. Well done St Ann’s Well Academy!!
  • I am happy with everything you do.
  • Communication with the parent’s and helping the children is good.
  • After school clubs are good.


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